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12th Man, make sure you show up this week!


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I noticed that last week against the Raiders there wasn't a whole lot of excitement through out the game. It seemed as if the 12th man had taken a week off. And I think that translated down to the team. There just wasn't an intense enough enviornment to keep us pumped up and focused/into the game.

I hope that this week will be different. Because this is a highly urgent game. If we don't win this week, then we will be blow .500 with a losing record AGAIN. I don't know about you guys, but I don't want to go back to losing in ANOTHER season! And if we don't win, then we will have lost all of our games with the AFC. I don't want to be known as a fan of a team that can't win against an AFC team.

So any one who's at the Stadium, I URGE you to pump up the fans in your section. Then let them pick up the noise and pump our players up! If it's cold outside, make sure you guys keep warm by staying active and making noise! Heat Fed Ex Field up! And if you need it, don't forget your hot chocolate too!

You saw this year in the Bears game how important you can be. You saw it in the Eagles game. You pretty much won the game with your noise and your intensity. The players respond to that, and the noise helps our defense.

And it couldn't have been more obvoius in the game against the Bears. They were getting into feild goal range, then you guys made it so loud that their offensive linemen couldn't hear the cadence calls from their Quarterback. And they jumped offsides many times in a row because of it, knocking them out of feild goal range and forcing them into a punt.

There was a reason we were undefeated in Fed Ex field up until last sunday. The 12th man was a major part of that. And last Sunday I hate to say it, but the 12th man forgot to show up. And it showed in how our team played.

So I'm asking all you fellow Redskins fans out there going to the game, and even those watching at home... Cheer for the Redskins and bring the intensity. The players feel that intensity and it translates into their play. You guys pump them up. Let's give them some excitement and make it hard for opposing teams to come into OUR home field to play our Redskins!

Let's make this as intense as it was in the Eagles game!

What do you say? Are you with me?!

Bring it, 12th Man! :point2sky

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This is it guys. With Dallas losing and the Giants playing a tough game against Seattle, this might be our last chance to make up ground and make that final push into (hopefully) the playoffs.

We got a tough this week. As usual everyone thinks that we're gonna lose.

They look at us and them on paper and say there is no way we can do it.

But there's one thing that doesn't show up on paper. The 12th man!!!

I was there last week and I know how loud it was. I didn't see a single fan not doing there part. There were too many raider fans though.

This week I don't see as many Charger fans being there, and you guys have got to make that place rock.

We have to find a place deep inside us we haven't been in a while.

Today Fed Ex needs to be RFK.

Back in RFK teams would want nothing to do with us. Fed Ex is starting to become that, but today we need to find that crowd that was yelling WE WANT DALLAS, WE WANT DALLAS.That crowd had super bowl ambition, that's what we need to win this game.

We need every single person at the stadium to give every thing they have. Coaches, Players, Fans, The Bud light guy walking up the isles.

Come early get loud and give everything you've got in you heart to the redskins today.

I know you've got it in you, now let's just go do it.



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