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big flag football game for me tomorrow


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every thanksgiving we play a flag football game against our local rival highschool and a few of the kids who graduated the same year as us. this year, it has evolved into a pretty fierce game.

last year we had a heartbreaking lost (2 minutes left in the game, game was tied, our QB threw an interception when we were 10 yards away from the goal line, they ran it back for a TD...the end)

anyway, i will be playing AGAINST nick fox (my boyfriend) and this is going to be really intense for both of us (we are so damn competitive) :doh:

i'm pretty nervous...i'm the number one WR for our team (i know that may sound strange but believe me when im say im faster than almost every guy on the other team...and i can catch anything thrown at me) so if you guys have any last minute advice, that would be great! our if you just want to wish me some luck...or some luck for mine and nick's relationship ( :laugh: ) then it would be greatly appreciated.

i'll post some pictures tomorrow after the game, hope everybody else has a less stressful saturday than me :)

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what is your touchdown dance?

haha, i thought about that...assuming i score tomorrow.

i think ill go the classy route and just toss the ball to the ref. don't want to rub it in or anything.

who knows, i might get caught up in the heat of the moment though :D

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It's flag football, not the pros... Have some fun...

I busted out the "spin the football and heat your hands over it" and I planned a team celebration and perfectly executed the fun bunch leap yesterday in our Turkey Bowl, playing in a warm *cough* 20 degrees.

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