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The Original Hogs Should Be Inducted Into The Hall-Of-Fame as a unit!


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well, I don't think George Starke and Fred Dean are on the radar screen for the HOF, however, for a line that TWICE helped a running back set the Super Bowl rushing record you would think at least ONE of these players would be voted in? :mad:

how can an all-decade player like Russ Grimm not make the Hall of Fame meanwhile they put James Lofton in?

are these guys totally mad?

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OK, it's time for the old, "If you were starting a team, would you want..." question.

Monk or Lofton? :rolleyes:

And on topic: Sadly, I think the only Hogs that have a real shot at the hall are Jacoby and Grimm. Although I'd fully support a ballot initiative that would induct all five...six, if you count unofficial Hog Donnie Warren.

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Wasn't the Rams defensive line...the Fearsome Foursome...inducted into the HOF as a unit?

Well, the original Hogs, Jacoby, Grimm, Bostic, May, and Starke should be inducted into the HOF as well.

They have won more championships!

Think about it....



Only 2 have been enshrined.

Deacon Jones 1980

Merlin Olsen 1982

Lamar Lundy and Rosey Grier are not in the Hall.

I think Grimm well get in eventually, but right now other than him, there is no momentum whatsoever for Jacoby let alone anyone else on the line.

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to look at this realistically, you have 3 players on the OL that played in each of the Super Bowls, Grimm, Jacoby and Bostic. Bostic made one pro bowl in 1983. I don't expect to see him join the ranks of Mike Webster and Jim Otto as a center in the HOF.

Grimm, however, should be in with the combination of pro bowls, big game performances and consistency over the years.

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