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Most Disappointing Redskins Player in History?


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ESPN had their 10 Biggest Busts not long ago. Lets lighten things up a bit. Who in your opinion is the Redskins biggest bust as a player? Only count on the field achievements(or lack thereof), not the number of off the field blunders...:laugh: .:dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck....like the dallas cowboys......

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The trifecta of Heath Shuler, Desmond Howard and Michael Westbrook are hard to beat considering Heath was 3rd overall, Howard and Westbrook were 4th overall.

Taken behind them in the 1st round were....

Terrell Buckley 5th (1992)

Troy Vincent 7th (1992)

Chester McGlockton 16th (1992)

Willie McGinest 4th (1994)

Bryant Young 7th (1994)

Warren Sapp 12th (1995)

Ty Law 23rd (1995)

Derrick Brooks 28th (1995)

and Jimmy Smith went in the 2nd round in 1992...

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Heath Shuler and Deion Sanders. Oh wait, isn't Deion a bust for the Ravens also? Damn. A bust for 2 teams..

Sanders wasent a bust. I dont know who really expected him to be any good when he came here to begin with. And he had a few nice plays for us.

Shuler is the easy and correct awnser to this question.

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