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I just finished reading the chat with Greg Blache. This guy just doesn't seem to get the pressure issue. I understand what he's saying but on the other hand you have Greg Willams saying we are not winning the one on one battles when we're blitzing. If we're blitzing LB's and DB's the linemen should be freed up more on a one on one basis. How in the hell can you be happy about the job we are doing of putting pressure on the QB from the D-line? He's saying we're doing a good job with the completion percentage..well you know what, if you had ANY kind of pressure on the QB it would be even better you know??? Then he sits there and talks sort of down on players like Freeney and Abraham and saying that Freeney isnt that good of a run defender and there is a reason the Colts haven't won a super bowl. OK, isn't there a reason their defense is ranked higher and is still undefeated up til this point in the season?

I don't know this chat really got on my nerves for the very first time. We see it day in and day out on Sportscenter the team that pressures the QB 9 times out of 10 win the ballgame. But let's just sit here and just take care of the run and let our CB's cover WR's for 10 seconds on any given down...Sounds like a brilliant idea to me. :doh:

And we wonder why we turn QB's like Chris Simms or Kerry Collins into Joe Montana when we face them, but look like :pooh: before we play them.

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