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Caption Needed


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Having no gut despite eating Popeye's 3 times a day?

He's 20, man, deal with it.

Being able to wear underwear in public and never having to do laundry?

He's 20, man, and a mulimillionaire. Deal with it.

Looking like an effete young doofus in an internet "caption"thread?


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I get that from time to time, EG. Usually, clearing the cache will fix it ... if not, right clicking on the image and selecting "view image" works sometimes.

It that doesn't help, someone who actually knows something about computers might have to wade in. :)

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That's the one, man. Don't know what the deal is with it not appearing. If this is a problem with pics on all threads, you may want to provide info on the browser you're using to DH or Blade. They may be able to tell you more.

Not that it'll work any better this time, but here it is again:


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