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Antonio Gates (foot)- Game time decision vs. Skins


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SAN DIEGO -- The Chargers probably won't know until just before kickoff Sunday whether record-setting tight end Antonio Gates will be able to play against the Washington Redskins.

Gates wasn't able to test his sprained right foot when the Chargers (6-4) returned to practice on Wednesday, but remained hopeful he'll be able to play in the road game.

"Oh definitely," said Gates, who was hurt after making a catch in the third quarter of last Sunday's 48-10 win over Buffalo.

"It feels good, man. It feels better than it felt yesterday. That's always a good sign. I really didn't try to do much with it. I think the key for me is not to try to do anything, put no pressure on it, stay off it and let it rest, let it heal."

Gates was still limping Wednesday and wearing a protective boot. He said he'll definitely test the foot either Thursday or Friday.

Gates leads the Chargers and is ninth in the NFL with 56 catches for 784 yards and seven touchdowns. Gates was an All-Pro last year and also played in the Pro Bowl after setting an NFL record for tight ends with 13 touchdown catches. He led the Chargers last year with 81 catches for 964 yards.

Even if Gates doesn't practice this week, there's still a chance he could play, coach Marty Schottenheimer said. Schottenheimer used to have a rule that if a player didn't practice during the week, he didn't play.

"That old rule, that's part of the things that I've changed as I've grown older and, in the minds of some, soft," Schottenheimer joked.

As a precaution, the Chargers signed tight end Landon Trusty from the practice squad to the active roster, taking the spot of tight end Ryan Krause, who went on injured reserve with a foot injury. The Chargers also have veteran Justin Peelle at tight end.

Gates said he'd continue to prepare as if he'll play.

"I don't want to put any limitations on anything. Not at this point," he said. "It's too early. Right now I'm focusing mentally on the game plan, and I'm just not taking the physical reps. Fortunately, I'll get to test it out sometime this week to see how I feels.

"For me, it's just getting rest. It's probably going to be mind over matter."

Gates missed the season-opening loss to Dallas as he finished serving a three-game suspension for missing a team-imposed deadline for ending his training camp holdout.

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I am more scared of Gates than I am of LT. If we where on the road it would be different but at home we have a dominant run d. Luckily Gates is a little banged up. We will need to play to our fulliest potential to win this game and an injured Gates certainly helps. Gates WILL play, take it to the bank.

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Gates does limited work

The Associated Press reports San Diego Chargers TE Antonio Gates (foot) participated in his first workout with the team Thursday, Nov. 24, since spraining his right foot last weekend. Gates was upbeat about his chances of playing Nov. 27 at Washington. "He did some work out here today," said head coach Marty Schottenheimer, who reiterated that Gates' availability will probably be decided at game time. "We are cautiously optimistic. He ran and he cut. It was positive."

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My "source" that works for the Chargers said that they might hold Gates out of the game to rest the injury. Basically he can play but they don't know if they want to risk further injury before the home stretch. ie game time decision.

Also this same "source" tells me that Marty & Co. still have a bad taste in their mouths about their time in DC. They pretty much hate Snyder and want this game bad. They have been heard talking smack about the Skins organization, especially Snyder.


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As far as TE goes its Gates then everyone else including Tony Gonzalez. Gates is just a better basketball and football player than him. he has better moves better hands and the ability to catch a ball in even the most congested traffic. He'll be good for a td or 2 this week if not he is sure to catch 7 or 8 balls for 80 90 yards. What people dont see is that keenan mccardell is a 2 time all pro and that lorenzo neal destroys LB's every down and is another all pro. Also that reche caldwell and erik parker are damn good receivers as well. The Chargers don't drop many passes that is why brees was able to go 17 of 18 last week and has thrown 15 ints to 45 TD passes over the last season and a half. Gates has only caught 20 of those 45 so 25 went to other receivers. Most of Brees Int's have been off dropped passes something that is not generally a problem. I can only remember about 7 or 8 INT's that were bad decisions by Drew. The rest were deflections or drops coincidentlly by Gates and McCardell. So overall the Chargers have 50 td passes to 15 int's in the last 26 games. We know how to score and how to score many ways. We didn't even get to the running game and the reverses and fake reverses and how they are incorporated into our offense.

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Grab your tissue boxes boys because you will feel like fools once we handle your team. You can't compare to us period and don't have the tools to stop our offense.

Figure it like every other team you played this year and going back to your last game last year ( :laugh: )- you guys are good for at least 4 or 5 chokes per game by a variety of players.

If you need reference, we can site other NFC East games especially. Because we are doing terrible in our division.

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