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VIDEO : Sean Taylor Bad To The Bone Part 2 2005-06 NOW UP!


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I've gotten many requests for making a highlight vid halfway through the season but didn't feel like doin it, but today when I had nothing to do because I knocked my shoulder outta my socket playing basketball yesterday(sore as hell all day), I got bored and just felt like doin it. I know, I know, the season isn't over yet and Taylor will have more highlights but thats ok because I will add whatever he does these last 6 games(and playoffs hopefully) to this video.


Mirror#2 http://s65.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0OSJ9L9MKZTN3DHX40DT96LW4

enjoy, I know its not probably good as zeb's original but I'll work on it.

and of course, a thanks would cool :cool:

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