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"Why is Moss not doing anything lately!?!?"


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Well, we all know our receivers besides Moss have been less than spectacular, I just found it funny that this was his note for Yahoo!'s fantasy league today, haha...:

"Nov 23 Jason La Caforna, of the Washington Post, reports Washington Redskins WR Santana Moss has more catches, touchdowns and receiving yardage than the rest of the Redskins receivers combined. He has five touchdowns; the rest of the wide receivers have none. Moss has 988 yards; no other wideout has even 220. "

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since our game against New York, teams have been able to see that dropping a safety out of coverage to double team moss has been effective.

Thus far our number two receivers have been our H back Cooley and anyone else in the flat.

I welcome the signing of these two new receivers as long as we utilize them down field.

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