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Anybody remember the Dallas game?


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Dont be so sure this team is out it this year. This has been a weird season for this team. Really? what is it with these turnovers is that even close to normal? and still be in the hunt? No this is not a rah rah post, just geniune look at how odd the season has been especially for this team.

Two bounce off field goals?

Alstott? Beating the Eagles and Dallas at their house? Giants walloping us?

This has been a strange season and I wouldnt count the skins out just yet.

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Well it kinda falls right in line with my next thought. Now just imagine for a second the types of threads that will show up on Monday if the skins win. There will be so many threads about how could we lose to the Bucs, Raiders, etc etc and beat the Chargers!

Its been that kinda of season.

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Realistically, I don't like our chances...that's all the negative stuff I have to say.

Here's my positive take:

We haven't had too many seasons lately where we were in this type of position. I realize we could be much better off had we won some winnable games, but for so many years we've entered the holiday season with nothing but meaningless games.

Honestly, the last time we were at 5-5 was under Marty and those playoff hopes quickly evaporated with a loss to Dallas. So, we've been through 3 seasons since we're been at .500 after 10 games so I'm going to enjoy it and keep rooting for a playoff run since we don't know the next time we'll be in this position.

Sounds dumb, but it keeps me happy!

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