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Gotta have faith in our dbs..


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any secondary can look good with a great saftey..

look at the patriots.. they had injured players, no ty law, troy brown playing cb.. and they still won the superbowl...

theres philly secondary... ledo sheppard, sheldon brown... and who do they have back there.. brian dawkins..

dallas is good, theres roy..

balt is good.. theres ed reed.

denver is good, theres lynch..

The list goes on...

washington can be great.. theres sean taylor, but we got to stop blitzing so much... no wonder why are dbs are always getting burn..its always one-on- one down field... walt gaurding galloway one-on-one.. lemar gaurding jerry porter one-on-one..this list goes on..

our blitz scheme is getting old....must stop, trust our dbs, and let taylor get more cracks at the ball or reciever....

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