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Got my 360, and had a fun time doing it

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well walmart was supposed to start handing out tickets for 360 at 10 pm, well they didnt, they started at 5:30 pm, and there were lots of unhappy people there, so i went to best buy, keep n mind this is around 8 pm and ive been up since 10am, well i arrive at best buy at around 8:30, and one of my friends was with me and didnt have a jacket, cause we werent supposed to be outside, we were supposed to get our ticket and wait for 2 hours, but walmart screwed everyone over, but anyways, we get to best buy, and there about 15 people ahead of us, no big deal, well they started taking count every half hour, asnd before we know it were at 42, when we say something to the guy working there, he says "its not our problem to deal with the line", i could understand that cause they dont have to be out there all night, but if your there on the clock then say something to the people...... so anyway im about to flip out, when i run into one of my friends who works there and he said the lexington park one has the same number of systemsand only 4 people in line!!!, so we trek about an hour up the road to that one, and by now its 11 o clock, so we get there and its very cold, very windy, and what felt like ice cold rain from about 11 til 3, then it was pretty nice out, then at 6 the flood gates opened, and it started pouring, well by trhen theres about 50 angry, cold, wet tired people waiting to get in, so 7 comes around and the manager tells us we will be opening for you guys at 8.....yea right..... we get in there at 9, and they wouldnt let us check out right away, they had to tke us on a tour of the store, and try to sell us yvs and all kinds of accesories, so i finaly got out of there at 10:00 am, and got home at about 11:15, and i ended up getting the premium system and madden 360, cause walmsrt was sold out of perfect dark 0 and call of duty 2, i went there to use my discount......so im tired and gotta work in a few hours


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