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Simple question. Say we don't make the playoffs this year. Who would you cut or trade and who would you keep?








Keeping for depth




Pat Ramsey for a 2nd/3rd Rounder or package him with a pick to move up in a round.

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If we can draft and acquire some reasonably priced free agents, I think I would keep Wynn and Daniels for defensive line depth. I would cut Harris, Holdman, Royal, and Bowen. These guys can be upgraded rather easily by Gibbs & Co. I would look to trade Ramsey, and maybe see what the market is willing to offer for Lavar.

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I wouldn't want to be the Skins GM this year. There aren't a lot of moves they can make.

I would sit tight, take the best DE available in the second round. Sign the best FA DE I could find. Trade Ramsey for a pick where I would try to find some depth at LB and Offensive tackle. And then wait and see what I have with Campbell.

In other words, I would be patient. Patience is what this team needs now more than anything.

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I would try to keep this team intact. I might try to pick up a wideout or defensive linemen in the draft. Basically though, I make as few changes as possible. This team has shown steady improvement since Gibbs inherited it, and I would allow that to continue.

CONTINUITY is the key to success in the NFL. A little stability makes all the difference in this era. Look at the successful teams, they all have minimum personnell turnover.

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If i'm GM I keep LA and Ramsey for sure. The only way I give up Ramsey is for a 1st rounder. We can't go into next year with MB a year older and a unproven JC who barely got burn in preseason to depend on its recipe for failure. I feel more comfortable having 2 guys who could develop into that #1 QB role.

I'd cut Wynn or Daniels whoever saves the most, preferably Daniels. I like how Wynn stays healthy. I'd redo some contracts and pray for no salary cap in a few years. We have to be a playoff team in JG's 3rd year or this has been a failure no other way to spin it.

With the capspace created i'd chase a topnotch De Abraham would be nice. But i'd probably chase Mathis,Vanden Bosch,Howard and Kampman. I'd probably try to sign Vanden Bosch and Kampman both over 1 premiere guy.

I'd also chase Steve Hutchinson like a madman he would plow some holes for Portis just like Alexander probably the best G in football and is a natural LG..

I'd then go and sign Jerry Azumah to be my nickel Cb and return specialist.

I'd try my best to get TO if I could get him on a incentive laden contract if not i'd sign the best Wr available without breaking the bank.

I'd sign the best blocking Te available he don't have to be a passcatcher just a mauler and be big like Carswell in Denver.

So in short i'd sacrifice future cap money for a spending spree hoping for no cap in the future knowing that JG's 3rd year has to be very successful..

So i'd sign Vanden Bosch and Kampman.

Steve Hutchinson

Jerry Azumah

TO on the cheap or the best bargain available wr

And the best blocking Te I could find. Hey maybe its big Robert Johnson but the coaches would know that.

I'd go into the draft looking for depth at De,Dt and a legit OT for depth those 3 spots would be drafted without question. Whatever picks remain will be BPA.

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No no no no no no. PLEASE, no more Dan Snyder spending sprees, PLEASE. Let there be stability and continuity in Washington. That is how you win in the NFL today, by staying the course for a few years.

This team is making progress, let's not dismatle and rebuld now. Just a couple tweaks and another year together should be enough. That is what they did last year, and they improved. They should do it again this year, and improve again.

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No reason to get rid of Holdman. If I'm not mistaken (and I don't think I am), he makes the Veterans minimum. Same with Priolou (I may be mistaken here). Though neither of these guys are particuarly good, they do give us pretty solid bang for our buck on ST and occasionally do something positive worth note on D.

I would look to trade for a young DT or DE who has yet to produce much, see Randy Starks (Titans), Dewayne Robertson (Jets), Albert Haynesworth (Titans), Darnell Dockett (Cards), Travis LaBoy (Titans), et al. All coming from teams with serious QB issues and likely willing to make a deal for Ramsey.

I would then look for a #2 wideout if Jacobs doesn't pan out. If Jacobs does pan out I would look for a th or 5th rd WR that may develop a few yrs down the road.

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Good question. The only drastic moves I would make would be to trade Ramsey for the best available offer. Likely a 2nd or 3rd. Hopefully a DE like Tapp from VT would be available with our pick in the draft. I wouldn't target any high priced FAs. I would want to acquire depth at WR, DE, OL, CB. All positions I would target in the draft. The only available Free Agent I could see the Skins making a play for would be a wide receiver to place along side Moss. Possibilities include Reggie Wayne.

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I would look to trade for a young DT or DE who has yet to produce much, see Randy Starks (Titans), Dewayne Robertson (Jets), Albert Haynesworth (Titans), Darnell Dockett (Cards), Travis LaBoy (Titans), et al. All coming from teams with serious QB issues and likely willing to make a deal for Ramsey.

No way we get starks, dockett or robinson. They have played well. I would not want haynesworth because he only cares about the money. Dont know much about LaBoy except hes white and went to hawaii (I think). We need to actually use a draft pick on dline rather then bring in more old timers

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So you guys want to stay the course we need a infusion of talent period. Next year being year 3 of JG's rebuilding has to be a playoff year in my opinion and he needs a infusion of talent. I agree to keep most of the guys here and keep some continuity going did you read otherwise??

We can't depend on Tapp who only has 7 sacks or any rookie to be our savior next year most need development. We need to draft a De and DT with some o-line depth. We need to sign a legit ready to contribute De from day 1 in free agency.

We need to spend some dough spending spree or not its gotta get done because were not gonna be no superbowl caliber team no time soon especially the way we give away draft picks.

Next year has to be successful honestly if i'm JG and we stumble thru next year again without no bigtime improvements i'm done..

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I think it is clear that our greatest needs are 2 DE , CB, and 2 WR (one WR one KR)


I am watching the Packers play now and Kampman has gotten two sacks. You gotta like that guy.

He would be my #1 target at DE. I would definitely draft one too. This draft sould be deep at DE so we are in luck. Tapp could fall to us and if he does snatch him up.


Fill this via the draft


At WR I would look to get at least two guys but I would get both via free agency. Joe Jurevicius is available and is a big target and should be comparatively cheap. Another guy to look at is Andre Davis who could handle our KR duties as well as serve as a #3 WR. I would give Antonio Bryant a look as well depending on his salary demands. Randy Hymes is a talented guy who could pay dividends. Koren Robinson is definitely worth taking a chance on.

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This is what we need:


Trade Ramsey try and get a #2 if not #3.

That's about right, If we ditch Ramsey I would go after another QB with starting experience like Kitna .

I would also try to find a 400lb nose tackle like a Ted Washington or that fattie on Green Bay.

I would get rid of beroux (sp?) and bring in some more youth to the offensive staff.

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ramsey trade

patten maybe cut

revise peoples contract{lavar, jansen} for money

and get sinorice moss

i agree with patten but lets stay away from wr's in the draft our history isn't that great and pick one up in FA:

Desmond Howard, Mike Westbrook, Rod Garnder, and I pray he changes but right now Taylor Jacobs

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The only player I would cut is Daniels. Royal, Harris, and others would be good relatively cheap backups.

I'm not sure which TEs are FAs now but I would sign a TE who is a very good blocker who also has reliable hands.

In regard to DEs, my wishlist goes: 1) Aaron Kampman, 2) Kalimba Edwards, and 3) Kyle Vanden Bosch. Kampman plays with a constant motor and is good against both the run and the pass and will not be very costly. I think we're seeing a SB of about 7 mil. Although Edwards has undeniably benefitted from having James Hall and Shaun Rogers play on the line with him, he is pretty skilled himself. I have always liked Vanden Bosch but I think with the number of sacks he is getting this season his price may be too high.

I would also trade Ramsey for a no. 3 pick and sign a somewhat reliable veteran backup QB who would be the no. 3 for the minimum or near it.

I would also offer a modest contract to Antawn Randle-El. I think if he is next to Santana Moss, we will have one of the best receiving duos in the NFL. If we can't get Randle-El, then we should look at Wayne (a real possibility) and Antonio Bryant (but he drops too many easy catches still). I'll give Patten one more season to show what he can do as the slot receiver, which was his role with the Patriots.

In the draft, we would have 1 2nd, 2 3rds, a 5, 6, and 7. I would stockpile on DEs and take 3 in the draft (2nd, 3rd, and 7th) and hope that at least one is good enough to make an impact right away. I think STL did this with CBs a while ago and the Titans did this last year with DEs. I would then also take a dime back in the 3rd round. With the 5th and 6th round picks, I would take two big receivers and hope that we have found our own Ernest Wilford.

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