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Nike Jet to Try Emergency Landing

Dan T.

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No poll asking "Who do you wish was aboard?"


November 21 1:37 pm

PORTLAND, Ore. - A Nike Inc. corporate jet carrying seven people developed landing gear problems shortly after takeoff Monday and was preparing to make an emergency landing, officials said.

Seven people were on board the jet, but their names have not been released, Steve Johnson, spokesman for the Port of Portland, told KGW-TV. Neither Nike founder Phil Knight nor any sports stars were on board, a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman said.

The Gulfstream V aircraft was preparing to land at Portland International Airport, not far from the Hillsboro airport, where the plane had taken off for Toronto.

FAA spokesman Greg Martin said the right main landing gear on the chartered jet became stuck and the crew was taking steps to burn off fuel.

"We have every reason to believe that they'll be able to execute a safe emergency landing," Martin said.

"Phil Knight, the chairman, is not on board, nor are there any sports stars or spokesmen," he said.

He called the Gulfstream V "a great aircraft with a solid safety record" and said the pilots were trained to handle such landings.

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