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Call out to the Geographically Challenged


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There is a forum created that we will use to discuss all things related to the problems/issues/concerns of those Geographically Challenged.

However, in order to see it and use it, you must email us at:


You MUST include your board name in order to be admitted (we wont be able to admit you unless you do).


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Originally posted by Blade

Romo sits to pee,

we are on different software now... no passwords.

the only way you get admission is for us to change something on the admin side that allows you to see the forum... otherwise its invisible to you.

so, shoot an email to geo@extremeskins.com and include your board-name so that we can admit you :)

Done! Great news-- it gets lonely out here in the missle silos on Sundays w/out hearing Sonny.

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