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The one stat (besides turnovers) that showed me the Redskins were pretenders is the Points For/Points Against stat.

After today the Skins are -1 (200 - 201). There are only two teams that are .500 or better, that have a minus in overall points, the Skins (5-5 , -1) and the Patriots (6-4 , -26). Unfortunately for the Skins they dont play in the AFC Least.

BTW there is one team with a losing record that is on the +side in points, the 2-7 Green Bay Packers are suprisingly +17 (201-184).

The best teams in the league are far on the plus side.

Indy (+153) 305-152

SanDiego (+98) 300-202

Giants (+97) 281-184

Denver (+90) 259-169

Seattle (+85) 272-187

Pitts (+75) 236-161

Carolina (+74) 253-179

Cincinnati (+68) 247-179

Chicago (+59) 169-110

Dallas (+58) 222-164

Jacksonville (+41) 211-170

Atlanta (+38) 244-206

Kansas City (+30) 244-214

Tampa (+23) 206-183

However, there's still time for the Skins to turn it around and get close to a +50, and be a playoff team. Small chance..........

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Points for/against no matter that much because one or two games can throw them completely out of whack (see the Niners and Giants games).

The turnover differential is the interesting stat this year.

Turnovers is the +/- margin u need to look at. Go see how GB's +/- margin is and get back to me....then tell me what their playoff chances are.

Abberations are a *****.

The first sentence in my initial post reads "THE ONE STAT (BESIDES TURNOVERS)..........

We all know the Redskins are the WORST in the NFL with a (-13) in turnovers. Most of y'all blame the offense but I'd blame the lack of defensive talent, scheme, and the DL, for not creating enough turnovers.

This stat goes hand in hand with the turnover ratio.......but then again they're different.

These 13 Teams are all the CONTENDERS through 10 weeks. You cant deny the importance of being somewhere on this list when the season ends. The Redskins at (-1) still have a chance to get back in this pack.

Parcells says "you are what you are" and I agree but I also see a chance for the Skins to be a playoff team.


THE GOOD NEWS: The Redskins have already played 7 of the 13 teams on that contenders list, they did okay going 3-4. They have 3 games left with teams from the list (Sd, Dal, Ny) all at Fed Ex. I concede, this is the toughest schedule in our division... maybe y'all aren't pretenders?

In contrast, the Cowboys have played only 3 teams on that list and they went 2-1, they still have to play 4 teams on that list (Den, Kc, Car, Ny,), AFC at home, NFC on the road, not to mention at Fed Ex. I think Cows are a REAL contender, I think we'll win at least 2 of these 4 games.... but maybe not.

The Giants have played 3 teams from the list (Sd, Dal, Den,) going 1-2. They still have to play 3 teams from that list, (@Sea, Dal, Kc), not to mention at Fed Ex. Obviously the easiest schedule in our division, the Giants will most likely see the post season one way or another.

You guys need to protect Fed EX and kick the crap out of St.Louis and Arizona and you'll still be sitting pretty.

I still think both of our teams (Cows/Skins) will be playing for a playoff spot in december, if not the division. IMO the 2 best teams in this division are the Cows and Skins, but they probably wont both get in.

As a Cowboys fan I feel good about where we're at....but I'm still concerned about DC.

Whadaya think about that?? Pretty good for a Cowboys fan huh??;)

:feedback: :cheers:

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Umm...Why are we taking an analysis from a Cowboy fan?

First of all, just to prove it we are -13 in the turnover margin. Having that any other team would have a much worse record than 5-5.

yea i know, had this been last year, we'd probably be 2-8 with our only wins against the bears and 49ers

this team has turned it around, and i hope that some way they do enough to get into the playoffs, b/c if they do, theres no tellin where this organization is headed from there on out.

The chargers game is a MUST WIN, and we have to defend our home field. The win would boost this teams morale, and they would recognize that they have the potential to be a playoff team, and have to play like it

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Umm...Why are we taking an analysis from a Cowboy fan?

First of all, just to prove it we are -13 in the turnover margin. Having that any other team would have a much worse record than 5-5.

What you dont accept honest analysis (which favors your team) from a dallas fan. You're lucky this analysis is free!:laugh:


It's going to be hard to go +13 in turnovers in your final 6 games but........ if you can finish like -6 in turnovers........ AND +50 IN PF/PA , YOU'LL HAVE A GOOD CHANCE AT THE PLAYOFFS. Once again it is THE ONE STAT THAT MATTERS!!!!!

Look at the list! Through 10 weeks THIS IS THE CONTENDERS LIST! When you take into account the number of teams the skins have already played from this list, 5-5 doesn't look too bad! You dont have a chance to get back on the plus side in turnovers, this is the sta to worry about!

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