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Whers Rock Part II


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OK ROCK, haters from the other day. where are ya now? remember saying never give rock the ball because of a fumble against KC? now that Portis fumbled 2x toay what do you say? i know rock didnt gain anything on the ground but he did recieve one for 17 yards. that is where he is dangerous. nice little screens etc. rock can catch the ball fairly well and this could be a way to stretch defenses. dump to him. think about it rock comes in and the D thinks we are going downfield because rock hasnt produced much surely he isnt getting it. rock drops to the flat and strecthes the defense wide. doesnt have to be rock, could be anyone ladell, nemo,... by posing a screen threat it reduces pressure on the qb, there by opening the middle of the field and making lb's go wide.

just a thought

:dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck

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Games are won and lost by TEAMS not individual players. If the skins don't come together as a TEAM they won't win another game this season. We have now lost 2 in a row that we should have won. If we can get consistency out of our offense and defense we will start to win the ones that we're supposed to and maybe even a few that we're not supposed to and that's what its all about. I'm not jumpin off the skins and I never will but its time to start looking for some pass rushers this offseason because we have some glaring holes on defense. We might even want to pick up another DB and get rid of Walt Harris. Let's not turn this into the individual team that players such as Terrell Owens and Randy Moss would have you do. Rock is a solid player but he's not the starter....period.

hail skins. Get 'em next week boys!:cheers:

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