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Good game ya'll....

The Grim Raider

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Congratulations on the win.

I knew we were asking for trouble just by the way we came out in that second half. The Raiders wanted it more and were hungrier, while we were VERY flat. Not exactly the approach you should be taking when you are fighting for a playoff spot.

I never ever remember feeling so sick to my stomach during a game in which the Skins led by 10 points like I did today. I guess Norv's presence in FedEx had something to do with it.

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The Raiders could be a decent team if they didn't commit 15 penalties every game. What's up with that???

Not a lot of disipline. I could easily say it's the conspiricy in the front office but we do make a lot of bonehead mistakes also. I think in another season or two given if this team isn't remodelled again we could be something serious. I know the Redskins can be.

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