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Joe Gibbs Teams missing the playoffs


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I am starting to wonder if Joe Gibbs should have come back. I don't think his legacy will be tarnished much but it has been painful to watch the team perform so poorly since his return last season, it just does not look right for him to be coaching Redskin Team that underachieve so much.

I know that it was not all peaches and cream when Joe was there the first time but we knew that if we had a weaker team like the Raiders were come to town we would win that game.


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Let's see how the season finishes up before bashing JG.

The play in the entire league is inconsistent. It's the dilution of talent due to too many teams and a salary cap.

Coaching can't overcome lack of talent...sorry.

It'll take more than two years to make this team consistently good.

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Yes, he should have come back, and we are lucky to have him back.

He is less than 2 years into a 5 year contract. The 2nd Joe Gibbs chapter is FAR from being written.

Ditto. The Skins have been bad for many years, lets face that. It will take time to build a winner, and lets hope all involved have the resolve to stick it out.

The Skins are not horrible, a play here or there and they'd have won. That's the NFL. Tampa beat Atlanta, Chicago beat the NFC Champions of the media... Carolina... it ain't over yet...

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