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Heroics and why they are they bad


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MB has been very heroic at times this season as have all the0Skins players.

It seems they work hard to get back into games and position themselves in a place to win.

Here is what gets to me and I have not heard anyone bring up.

The reason the Skins have to live and die by heroic play is because they dig themselves a hole every game.

It seems that every game they dig themselves a hole and then use heroics to get them into a position to win.

The heroics performed by players such as MB, CP, CC and Moss just to name a few would not be necessary if they did not dig that hole every game.

The only person in that list that has held up their end of the bargain is Moss.

Now to be fair the coaching staff does not help with its play calling.

They seem to pull the stops out when the Skins are behind but otherwise the offense is very conservative despites it gaudy numbers.

BTW those numbers (excluding the 49ers game) came from making up for stupid mistakes fumbling being one of the main ones.

However the heroic play makes some fans feel that the players and coaches are calling great plays and thus everything is ok.

Take MB for example, he has made some amazing plays.

However those amazing plays are usually to make up a mistake he has made earlier in the game like fumbling or errant passes (not to many of those this year).

CC what a monster at H-back, fumbles quite a bit. Yes he makes some big plays but the fumbles have to stop.

CP has the fumbling bug too.

If you want to sum up why the Skins are at 5-5 it is because of Fumbles and their game plan

The rest can be lived with; NFL offences are too good to be held down a whole game so while some can be put on the defense the majority of the problem comes from the fumbles.

This accompied with conservative playing (unless the Skins are behind) makes for a very dangerous.

Playing the field position game is 50/50 if you do not take care of the ball.

The Skins do not protect the ball at all.

Conservative offense + field position game + negative turnover ratio = 5-5.

But it could be worse if it was not for those heroics performed in some of the games.

There is nobody that can say that this team takes care of the football no matter how much Kool Aid you drink.

So far nothing controversial however this is where what I can the "Kool Aid" drinkers get to have some fun with my post.

If (and I am not) was the coach of the Skins my starting offense next week would look a lot different.

Let’s start with players I would sit if nothing else to prove a point.

Benched would be Mark Brunnell, Clinton Portis, Chris Cooley and I would run Robert Royal out of the state.

In their place Patrick Ramsey(Jason if the playoffs are completely out of the picture), Nemo/Rock, Mike Sellars and Robert Johnson.

MB, CP and CC are leaders of the offense and they just keep making mistake after mistake.

Yet every week they are back out there making the same mistakes.

Why because of their heroics play making up for their mistake and the conservative play calling?

I thought that if you turned the ball over in this offense you were either fired or sent packing, See A Brown and Patrick Ramsey.

Yet the people who fumble the most are still out there week after week doing it and no steps are taken.

The worst part is the "Kool Aid" drinkers reverently defend the play calling and the player that keep making these mistakes.

Also if you say anything that the "Kool Aid" drinkers think is negative towards one of those players or the coaching staff you are labeled a "fair weather fan" or my favorite line, " You were not a fan when JG was here the first time so you do not know anything".

The other side of the fence gets hammered because the see something different.

I have been a Skins fan when JG was here before, all the way back when I was 10.

I have made the trek to Dallas to watch them play and manage the long walk back to the car while Cowboy fans hurl their insults.

There are other people like myself who are true fans that just see things differently.

One side sees the heroics as the personality of a team who has it together.

The other side sees it as wow if we did not make all these mistakes then we would not need the heroics.

Who is right and who is wrong, that is just a matter of personal opinion.

For me I am not sure if the season is over or not, I am hoping that something will happen and things will come together.

However if the current formula continues it will be a long time till the 2nd round of the draft next year.

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Ramsey is a turnover machine. I am not at all convinced that PR has learned even the rudimentary about reading NFL defenses. To me the guy is in the NFL because of a strong arm not any innate football sense.

Quarterback is the most cerebral position, you can't have a guy out there that in 4 years can't be coached out of throwing balls into double coverage consistently.

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I agree that he has trouble with turning the ball over but so does Mark.

The argument could be made that for every 2-3 bad passes PR throws for INTS Mark does the same thing with fumbles.

PR comes out and makes plays to make up for his mistakes.

MB comes out and makes plays to make up for his mistakes.

Personally I will cheer for anyone who comes in at QB and turns things around.

However PR was benched for two turnovers in one half, Mark and turned the ball over more times and still has his job.

They both make for their mistakes with heroic plays so what does it come down to.

It is a double standard that these skill players who are depended on to make things happen and not turn the ball over continue to do so and still get to start.

We do not really know if we would be in worse shape or better shape if PR was still starting of if Jason was givin a chance.

What we do know is that the same players are making the same mistakes every week and are still playing.

That is a double standard folks anyway you slice it.

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