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Purposely Lose?


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You all have to agree with me on this one. How do you out up 35 points one week on the #1 defense and then can't do Jack Sh!t against the Oakland Defense. The whole game we are leading all the way up until the end then for some strange reason Greg Williams decides to have one on one coverage with Lemar Marshal and Joey Porter. Skins fans should personally spit in Greg Williams face for this game. Is this guy being paid or something to lose games. Is the mafia after this guy or something. This is dam rediculous. We lose on purpose wether it is no effort or wether it is turnovers. We always find a way to lose. I hope that some redskins players read these negative post today so that maybe, just maube they will even try to win these last games remaining on our shedule instead of try to lose them. I dont care what any of you all say the skins lose games on purpose becuase they dont want to win. Dont let there little after game speeches fool you. They are just picking up that paycheck especially portis. And as far as me saying gibbs does not discipline his players, another week more fumbles and turnovers.

I am sick of these redskins imposters, these are not players these are a bunch of cowboy fans who play for the redskins.

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Jack Sh!t

6. Do not attempt to circumvent the profanity filters.

Let the filters do their job. Veiled profanity is unacceptable. We allow the use of either all asterisks/symbols or not at all. For example "****" and "*&*%$" are acceptable, while "sh!t, “s**t” or “sh*t" are not.

See ya in 3.

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