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Your the "D" coach, what do you do with LA on 3rd down.


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This Defense needs to pressure a QB!!! So does anyone have an Idea why GW takes out LaVar when its 3rd and long and we need a pass rush, and makes a middle linebacker cover a wide reciever deep?

Only one play was LaVar in on 3rd down and thats when he nailed Jordan for an 8 yard loss on 3rd and goal.

When you don't go after a teams throat, you don't win games, plain and simple. We played like we forgot we had Santana Moss on the team, we only threw deep a few times to Jacobs at the same left corner, instead of Moss on the rookie on the other side the field.

Are we resting our biggest play makers for the off season? We needed this win bad and we played like we was scared of the Raiders, and the Raiders earned this game because of it!!!

I am not blaming this loss on our Defense today because we didnt even score a touchdown on the Raiders with Offense! :doh:

Lets here it from you Redskin fans, should GW take out one of his best weapons on 3rd down? This thread is NOT for any arguments!!! As a coach plain and simple, what would you do?

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Need to abide by rules with proof and links, cant get links off watching interviews, so Edited untill proof comes out, and it will come out. Any ways if any other fans watched the Redskins preview today, you seen a great Defensive linemen who use to play for us say he wants to come back and play for the skins. I kind of smiled at the time, but isnt Ray brown 42? With our pass rush today, would it actualy hurt trying him? :doh:

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That is wrong, Kevin Gilbride and Donahoe did that to Buffalo.

Get your history right.

williams did a lot of things when becoming HC that pissed many in Buffalo, he told them they knew nothing about football etc...

check out the stories from Buff it isn't pretty

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