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Designated "Season's Over!" Thread (MERGED x10)


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I usually don't post like this, but after watching today and our stagnant offense, this is the end of the road for us. Sure we will probably pick up a few more wins, but all we will be playing for now is pride. From Brunell to the tackles, tight ends, fumbles, etc. We are still a ways away from being contenders, we have def. gone in a positive direction from the last couple of seasons, but we are still a work in progress. I can only hope we can draft some Dline help or pick up somebody in free agency. I hope Campbell is ready as well, I like Brunell, but has cost us just as many games if not more than he has won us. Next year will be better. I am not a fair weather fan, just trying to be a realistic one.

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....congratulations to all of us today...we now know where we stand...we suck...horrible playcalling...no runs by cp in what seems like the whole second half even though he was on his way to 130 day at halftime...nice job Joe

We had no heart today. The skins are now done. We don't deserve any playoff talk or anything the rest of the year. I predict we will only three more games this year and give the Broncos a great pick.

Thanks skins you have just freed up the rest of my Sunday afternoons.

Until next year guys, I wish all extremeskins and their families happy and safe holidays. Spend your Sunday's with those who you love and happy New Year to you all.

Thanks and god bless.

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We're two games out of the wildcard spot with 6 games left. That's a HUGE load to overcome. We'll need to win five of the last six and tell me which five we win? Especially the way we played today. I've lived and died with this team for 27 seasons and have never lost the hunger to see them play each Sunday no matter how bad they were. I'm afraid I've finnaly maxed out my nine lives. I can't bear to watch this ship sink any longer. I avoided sports channels on the radio and TV all week over being SO bitter from last week. I wanted to watch today thinking we could redeem ourselves. We lost to a bad team today and it seems like every team we play now has to have a sidebar storyline "Giants win for Mara", "Chris Simms breaks out", "Norv beats his old team", blah, blah, blah. Now next week we have to deal with the Marty love fest from the annuncers. I hate what this team makes me feel like. I almost enjoy the offseason and the anticipation even more than the regular season.

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I have absolutely had it with this team. They completely stink all the way around. Horrible coaching, play calling, players, execution, all of it stinks. Lets throw to Taylor Jacobs every other play on a go route down the left side when he is blanketed with coverage. Excellent calls coach. Some will say our defense played well only give up 16 to a good offense, BS. We left Jordan and the other running backs wide open on every play. We let Gabriel run down the sideline completely by himself for a huge gain. Ive tried my hardest every year to stick with them and look at the bright side but I have had it. What a miserable team all the way around.

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If I remember correctly, we do have six games to play. :doh:

Yes, we probably aren't going to the playoffs. That being said, we are not eliminated from the playoffs, and we still have stuff to play for. While this is disappointing, I have accepted weeks ago that this isn't a playoff team, and that we'd be fortunate to be in the playoffs.

So, let's be thankful that we are 5-5 at this point, and that we only need a couple of victories to improve from last year.


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I wouldn't be shocked if the Skins run the table, but it would be hard for us to get into the playoffs the way Dallas and NY are playing. Not giving up on them just yet but being realistic.

Big difference between us an Dallas/NY is that they step up when they need a win...we don't.

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This team is mired in mediocrity. The best we can hope for at this point is a few more wins - like you said probably 8-8 at best.

The big problems? Too many turnovers (every game they abound), the pass rush is among the worst I've seen as a Skin fan - it's amazing the defense is as good as it is when the rush is SOOOOO bad, and the playing not to lose mentality - the scared mentality that seems to come from the top down unfortunately.

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Want some more sobering stats??...Over the last four games:



56% completion rate

670 yds

167.5 ypg

2 TDs

3 INTs

4 Fumbles


19 receptions

245 yds

61 ypg

12.89 ypc

0 TDs


263 ypg


350 ypg

The defense is giving up close to 100 yards per game more than the offense...

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This is so sickening to watch. The Raiders have a horrible defense and all we can do is muster up 13 points!! I agree. The way the Cowboys and Giants are playing we're finished. I don't see us running the table. I think we'll finish 9-7 but that won't get us in. We had to beat the Raiders, there's no excuse.


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