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All Things Taylor Jacobs (MERGED x2)

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Taylor Jacobs continues to be a non-factor. If he can't break out by the end of the season, it's time to move on. But I think the writing is already on the wall.

I think the writing is all over. as a fan watching since 83, i can honestly say this team sucks . with losses to ****ty teams like the giants,bucs and now raiders i don't think this team can beat their own meat. sign me ex fan cause this team is going nowhere

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This isn't 7 on 7 or college..... where recievers run wide open by 5 yards:doh:

Taylor lacks toughness, a knack for running routes, maybe a little heart issue and just doesn't have "it"

Thats pretty much my point. I was making reference to the old posts about Redskins players saying no one is able to cover Jacobs. From the looks of todays game just about anyone can cover Jacobs and I agree there were a few throws where he just looked like he gave up and gave no effort.

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You gotta put those on Brunell.

I find it very hard to believe that Gibbs would call the play and be like "Mark, throw it to Jacobs on this play".

How many times did he do it today? 5-6?

How many times was Jacobs open? ZERO!

I don't agree.... if you watch him in the set he is looking in jacobs direction the whole time waits three seconds and then throws the ball to let jacobs run under it and catch it.

After all the talk about taylor jacobs this week i must say i am not impressed at all in him. He was not impressivly fast nor did he really try to get up and catch any of these passes.

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