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Official post-game thread: Oakland at Washington (MULTI-MERGE)


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We stink, we just lost to Oakland in our place, Norv Turner who never could win a close one just did it against us.

Instead of screaming about what others say of us, just look at it for yourself, we are not a good team, period.

We do not deserve to be mentioned in the playoff race the way we continue to play down to our oppenents. This hurts.

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Chat about it folks.

Ultimately this team may just be too mistake prone and just not complete enough to do the things it has to do to be more competitive than it is right now. Next week the team has to play with pride and emotion as the hopes for the season dwindle after this loss.

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What a piece of **** team the redskins is. LOL .

All i can do is laugh at them. Who ever is making the play calls on offense needs to be shot.

Once again, our d line is pathetic as hell, especially in the middle two. sad ****ing pathetic ****s. i cant believe these ****s get paid. ive never seen a d line give literally no pressure on the QB.

Our overrated o-line. i wonder why people think our o-line is good. i mean we have two overrated tackles, jansen and samuels. every week, either jansen or samuels makes a ceratin player look like LT.

Gibbs, open up your ****ing play book. stop being so ****ing conservative. Do something.

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Mark Brunell is AWFUL! PLease put Patrick Ramsey in the game. Mark Brunell doesn't step up in the pocket and as a result, there's pressure on EVERY play. What a dumbass!


Oh, and why is LAvar not playing on third downs. We have the most arrogant coaching staff in the NFL. FIRE GREGG WILLIAMS. The season is over. Why a blown year.

besides Sean Taylor, the Redskins are just LOSERS. Whenever they need to make a play, they don't and whenever they need to win a game, they lose.

Cut everyone expect for LAvar, Sean Taylor, and Santana Moss.

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