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Dont Judge our Wounded Dawg


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Don't judge a wounded dog that can still fight toe to toe with the best in football, Judge that dog when its healthy and fighting with all its teeth.

Of course were going to give up big plays when some of our stars are out and on the bench. Not one game this year has our whole Defense got to play together in yet, but they will.

Tampa bay stuck there arm in the mouth of a dog without all its teeth! if you let a dog with no teeth bite you, is it going to hurt? "NO" all its going to do is take the wrinkles out of your shirt or pants.

Now while your looking down on that dog, telling others you have nothing to worry about its harmless, just as the NFL is telling other teams the same about our Redskins.

Its growing its teeth back week by week, getting healthier and stronger! So the next person or team comes along, they believe that dog is harmless because thats what they were told, they stick there arm in that dogs mouth and pull back a stub!!! "Get the Point"

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