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Interesting (or absurd) viewpoints of Steelers fans at PittsburghSteelers.com board


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1. Ok this is me (indy) talking right here: I noticed for you Pennsylvannian folks, the Steeler fan noted, the game is on:

"It's on KDKA and WJAC (Johnstown)"

2."Come on, I saw this in ESPN's page 2,they have the '99 Rams and the '91 redskins rated higher!!!Please!!!! "

this is in relation to a '79 Steelers team rated 7th best by ESPN

what do you think?

3. Below is a list by one Steeler poster that shows he has no real "historic" knowledge of the LB's that played before a certain era, the rest he relied on advertising. The list is peppered with recent familiar names, but to call greatest of all time, well that's too early for some on this list.

"1.Lawrence Taylor

2. Jack Lambert

3. Dick Butkus

4. Derrick Thomas

5. Junior Seau- still playing but one of the best ever


1. Kendrell Bell (too early)

2. Ray Lewis - too quick here also (shoo in later)

3. Brian Urlacer - the Steeler fan is too quick here

4. Joey Porter (who?)

5. Takeo Spikes (who??)

6. Lavar Arrington - too quick here also

7. Jason Gildon (who?)

8. Jermiah Trotter - again too quick

9. James Farrior (who?)

10. Zach Thomas - too quick here too"

Excuse, but where is Singletary, Marshall, Jack Ham, Harry Carson,Jessie Armstead, Huff, Leory Jordan, Ray Nitzke,

Tom Jackson, Willie Lanier, The Stork, etc. - How about you're own Greg Lloyd?

*ok, some he had as destined for greatness, I suppose, but not all will still fall in that category.

Now here the Steelers fan is definitely off, by naming the current best. I would put Vinny Testaverde over Kordell anyday -

"1. Kurt Warner: To believe this guy was once in the Arena League!

2. Donovan McNabb : His performance later in the year secured his spot on my list

3. Jeff Garcia : How much of this is the system and how much is Garcia? I say alot of it is Garcia, he is a winner

4.Rich Gannon: A late bloomer and a true pain in the *** but the results dont lie his td/int ratio was through the roof last year

5. Kordell Stewart : With his game breaking running ability and his vast improvement in the passing game even the non believers are coming around.

6. Peyton Manning : Throws a better deep ball than anyone except Warner, however he tried to force everything last year and unfortunately took a step back last year.

7. Brett Favre : After what I saw in St louis last year I am concerned Favre is going to take a big step back this year, he is forcing too many of his throws and the 6 int's killed his team in the playoffs. Still an incredible talent who really just needs to prove that he can still win.

8. Steve Mcnair : An absolute nightmare to bring down in the open field and his ability to throw the ball deep will make Tennessee a force for a number of years. However his ability to get injured frequently is a concern.

9. Mark Brunnell : Kind of a forgotten man because of Jacksonvilles struggles last year but this guy can still play, can run fairly well and is still extremely accurate.

10. Tom Brady: I really like this guy and his poise at such a young age and he did more in one year than Drew Bledsoe did in 10."

Here the Steeler fan picks the best teams of all time

"1. 1985 Chicago Bears

2. 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers

3. 1972 Miami Dolphins

4. 1984 San Francisco 49ers

5. 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers

6. 1991 Washington Redskins"

(the 83 Redskins played some tough teams and should be here)

The Steelers fan here is suggesting these teams on the right are sorry they let the guys on the left go - At that time I agree.

"Brett Favre --------- Drafted by the Atlanta Falcons

Steve Young ------- Drafted by Tampa Bay Bucs

John Elway(yep!)-- Drafted by Baltimore Colts"

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Originally posted by blakman211

So was Montana just the product of Walsh's system?

To a large degree, he was. Remember when he came out of Notre Dame? "Too short, too frail, weak arm. Probably will not have what it takes to play in the NFL."

Sounds familiar?

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What QB isn't a product of their particular system? Any QB that has great success and numbers will always be playing in a system that best suits his skills. I always thought that "product of the system" argument was weak. Is Warner a product of the Rams system? Sure, but kudos to the Rams for putting him in a system where he can be that good. McNabb would struggle in a system like that and the Eagles put him in a system that best suits him as well.

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Originally posted by Richard Nixon

Greg Lloyd would make Ray Lewis look like a dime back when comparing the 2. He was one scary scary man.

Greg Lloyd = all bark and no bite. He couldn't do as many things as Ray, like cover RB's, he wasn't as good stoping the run, he may have an edge at rushing the passer though.....

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