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So Much for Philly Takeover of FedEx


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I was checking this site because of the map they drew to come and take over FedEx. They always post pics of the tailgates they throw. After the Sunday night game not 1 mention of the tailgate. They have a pics page with pics of all the tailgates this year except FedEx. They just posted that they will be posting Dallas pics tonite. Guess they just blanked the FedEx experience out of their minds.

"Well... the Eagles decided to sh** the proverbial bed on Monday night and have pretty much sealed their none-playoff team fate. Whether McNabb made a bad pass or not, why do you NOT run the ball, when you have done nothing except push the Cowboys around all night ?

Guess not knowing the answer to that question is why I am not a head coach...

Anyway, I met some great people from Michigan and North Jersey at the tailgate and still have things in the works for the last couple home games...

The way i look at it.... the least we, the fans, can do is have a great time before they decide to break out hearts again...

Pictures will be up from the Dallas game tonight...



Way to go guys we took back our house that Sunday night for good!

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