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Khun Kao

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For Xmas this year, I asked my Mom to buy me a Redskins replica jersey. However, since she doesn't live anywhere near a Redskins store, she gave me the money to go buy my own.... However, I really thought the jacket Joe Gibbs was wearing on the sideline was the shiz-nit.

While in the Redskins store (Fair Oaks Mall), I saw the jacket for sale and realized that while I would love to have a jersey (they had the Sonny #9 70th Anniversary throwback one prominently on display!), I would get so much more mileage (translation: my money's worth!) from the jacket.




Yeah, I know. I looked stoned. I'm not, its just a bad picture. I am, however, almost drunk as I'm typing this....


This is the sweater my Mom bought me back in 1992 after the 'Skins beat the Bills.... I've outgrown it, and now my wife has inherited it. She has begun wearing it with pride after Joe Gibbs return!

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