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200,000 protest Amman attacks


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Why can't we get this many muslims to come out to anti-terror rallies in the US?



From combined dispatches

AMMAN, Jordan -- At least 200,000 persons demonstrated yesterday against the recent bombings of three luxury hotels, while a new online statement attributed to terrorist leader Abu Musab Zarqawi defended the attacks and threatened to cut off the head of Jordan's King Abdullah II.

An anti-terrorist demonstration of such size is unprecedented in the Arab world, where Zarqawi, his mentor, Osama bin Laden, and their al Qaeda organization have attained folk-hero status among Muslim masses.

"Zarqawi, from Amman, we say to you: 'You are a coward,' " protesters chanted while brandishing banners with the names of their tribes from every part of Jordan.

A similar protest in Jordan two days after the attacks on three hotels in the capital, which killed 59 persons, mustered several thousand people.

One attacker blew himself up at a wedding party in the ballroom of the Radisson SAS hotel. Seventeen relatives of the bride and groom died.

"More than 100,000 people took part in the demonstration which left the al-Husseini mosque and then moved towards Amman town hall," security forces spokesman Bashir al-Daajeh told Agence France-Presse.

"Their number increased as the demonstrators were approaching the town hall and then reached 250,000," he estimated.

The demonstrators marched along a mile and a half route before arriving at the town hall, where several asked the public to denounce "this savage terrorist crime" or to recite poems in praise of Jordan and the royal dynasty.

The civil groups that organized the protests said that no less than 200,000 people took part in the demonstration.

Also yesterday, a diatribe posted on an Islamic Web site and attributed to Zarqawi was full of Islamist bluster but unusually defensive about the hotel attacks.

It said of King Abdullah: "Your star is fading. You will not escape your fate, you descendant of traitors. We will be able to reach your head and chop it off."

Zarqawi told Jordanians to stay away from bases used by U.S. forces in Jordan, hotels and tourist sites in Amman, the Dead Sea and the southern resort of Aqaba and embassies of governments participating in the war in Iraq, saying they would be targeted.

He said that al Qaeda in Iraq is not targeting fellow Muslims, even though his group has taken responsibility for hundreds of attacks that have killed thousands of Muslims in Iraq.

The authenticity of the audio statement could not be confirmed, but the voice resembled that of Zarqawi in previous audio messages.

Even contributors to militant Web forums -- who lionize Zarqawi and praise his attacks -- have criticized the bombings, saying he should avoid civilians.

Zarqawi insisted that the attack on the wedding party at the Radisson SAS hotel was a "lie" and a "forgery" made up by Jordanian security officials.

The Radisson bomber struck a hall where Israeli intelligence officials were meeting at the time, Zarqawi said. But part of the roof fell in on the wedding hall, either from the blast or even -- he said -- from a separate bomb placed in the roof, though not by al Qaeda.

"We didn't target them. Our target was halls being used by Zionist intelligence who were meeting there at the time," he said. "Our brothers knew their targets with great precision."

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev called Zarqawi's claims "ludicrous."

"This man has the blood of many innocents on his hands, most of them Muslims," Mr. Regev said. "To claim that those innocent victims in Jordan were working for Israel is simply ludicrous and deserves ridicule."

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There are what, 5 million Muslims in Amman, Jordan?

If we let 5 million more Muslims immigrate to the United States and settle together in a city, I'm sure we'd have no problem getting 200,000 to turn out for a rally.

How many muslims are in the US? In Jordan, that 200,000 represents almost 10% of the country. We can't even get a hundred muslims to show for an anti-terror rally in New Jersey, and we have many more muslims living here

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How many muslims are in the US? In Jordan, that 200,000 represents almost 10% of the country. We can't even get a hundred muslims to show for an anti-terror rally in New Jersey, and we have many more muslims living here

It seems like the last time people tried to count was after the last census.

There is some dispute, but it seems like the number is no less than 1.5 million, no more than 6.7 million, and probably most likely around 3 million.

...So there are probably more Muslims in Jordan than there are in the U.S. - imagine that?


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Has this been reported in other news sources prominently displayed?

because we know if it had been 10,000 in DC supporting terrorists and bashing Israel and Americ....ERRRRR marching for peace, it would have been splashed on the front pizzage.

And as an aside, many of these same people are just fine with attacks against Iraqis and Americans. Not all of them, of course, but a frightening number.

Where were the marches ANYWHERE in that part of the world for all the terrorist incidents from god knows when till now?

Nowhere to be found. Just like in Saudi Arabia, killing Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists merits NOTHING--then when Muslims are killed en masse--THAT's when you hear squawking.

What a horrifically bigoted worldview...

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How many muslims are in the US? In Jordan, that 200,000 represents almost 10% of the country. We can't even get a hundred muslims to show for an anti-terror rally in New Jersey, and we have many more muslims living here

Maybe because if they come out in numbers here, they would be afraid of getting towels thrown at them or being called Bin Laden lovers.

I know everyone in America isn't racist and/or afraid of people with arab-descent but I could easily see it turning into a mess because there are a lot of simple minded people in this country that wouldn't even look into what they were protesting, and immediately start with the "go back from where ya came from, ya camel jockey" remarks.

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What a horrifically bigoted worldview...


Is this any more bigoted than African-Americans rioting after Rodney King?

More bigoted than obsessive news coverage of missing white women but no coverage of missing minorities or men?

More bigoted than non-stop fundraisers for Katrina relief but minimal effort for the Pakistani earthquake that killed 50 times more people?

People protest when issues hit close to home. Nobody opens up the newspaper, objectively identifies which issue is the most egregious, makes a sign, and walks out their door. People protest when the story is something they can relate to, whether it is by nationality, religion, geography, or whatever. That's not bigotry, it's human nature.

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