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Tailgate 12/4 in St. Louis


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I'm looking for other Skins fans to tailgate with before the game in St. Louis.

I live in St. Louis and will be going to the game with my 22 year old son.

We will have the obligatory grill, beer etc but want to make sure we hook up with other Skins fans.:logo:

If you are from out of town and coming to St. Louis for the game let me know if you need any help or recommendations


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I've got the Tailgate location...Think I may grill Lamb chops as the Skins will be eating the "Lambs" a litle later.

Suprising I can't find more Skins fans attending this 1. If your gonna be there stop by the tailgate or maybe we can toast the victory after the game too!!! I should be easy to spot at the game with Riggins Jersey (way oversize for me) and I intend to be in full facepaint with a Warrior headress if I find 1 in time.

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