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Psssssssst...There really is a leaguewide, check that WORLD WIDE conspiricy against the Washington Redskins. I know, Ive seen the black helicopters hovering around the stadium on Sundays. Not only is the illuminatti and new world order in on it, but so is the remnants of the old nazi party combined with the EVIL Dero's of the hollow Earth! Shocking I know, but true. See, these guys combined to put a stop to the Redskins because they couldnt stand all the championships thev'e been winning, all the big games, the HUGE winning streaks theyve been on over the last decade. Oh, WAIT a minute, none of that happened at all. I guess there really is no conspiricy. ;) Now, before you go and ban me,...I AM JUST KIDDING AROUND. LOL

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Here is my consipracy theory.

1) Gibbs and the Redskins were asked to let the Gaints win the game for their fallen leader. If they did not lose the game they were going to referee their way out of the playoff picture. Gibbs and all were REALLY PISSED and went on the field and tanked, ON PURPOSE. In effect giving the league what they wanted with none of the satifaction of a well fought game.

2) Weeks before the Redskins / Bucs tilt, the elague changed the time to early primetime. 4:05 PM. The game was originally set for 1:00 PM. They did this to put the game in front of more people that were not your normal football fans. The viewers were given the gift of a wild and exciting game.

There, so if you are going make a conspiracy theory. make it a good one....

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