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Mick's Live Game Pics, complete with Captions


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This is a real good shot of Joe Salavea getting a good push up the middle - unfortunately the Zoom lens didn't come through for me.


Commentator Troy Aikman Speaking : "It looks like this fan had a better shot at catching that pass than David Patten. Not only was Mickalino wide open, but he actually extends his hands toward the ball, much better than Patten."


Mickalino Thinking : "My fellow Extremers are going to shoot me for attending the game with someone with a Bucs hat on. Ahh, but she's cool"


This is a real good shot of Salavea getting "held" by the Bucs offensive line - but once again, the Zoom lens failed me, unfortunately.


Mickalino to Gibbs : "Whassa Matta U, Gibbs.....Give it to Portis, MORE. Capeche ?!?!


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