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how come the media has stopped discussing the over abundance of bad call by the officials this season..Did Mr. Paul put the word out that this has to stop?.. i can understand the officials missing calls, but they are missing replay calls that the whole country see. and why do the commentators refuse to push the envelope when they see and know that a replay was called wrong?(for certain teams) :2cents: ..will they not get another game to call?...I am so inraged by what (seems) to be a skins bias and i dont care what smart ass says that im just being a homer we are getting hosed at an unpreccedented rate. it is beyond belief that the league has not stepped up and made the frickin zebras accountable...and what also irks me is the fact that teams such as the Turds, Pats, Colts, Eagles, Giants and Broncos get all the slanted love one team can handle..(by espn, national media ect...) trust me if these calls were going against these teams costing them games there would be hell and high water to pay....is the NFL turning into the NBA? this is my RANT and i am OUT

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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