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A new skins fan enters the fray...


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This may be a first for the board.

I would like to introduce a new member of the board this evening call sign finnck....non other than my younger sister.

To put some persective on this she was born in '84 and by the time she was 5 years old she could recite the starting offensive line for the skins. As I got older she could more confused/intrigued by my football watching tendancies.

Now she is in college and is starting to get into the skins thing. She attended the 49ers game this year as her first skins game and had box seats (no less) courtesy of her older brother.

We watched the game last Sunday and when the skins turned the ball over the second time she said, "Why do we always turn the ball over when that is last thing we need". Hearing her say "we", as she sat on my couch watching the game in my retro lavar jersey was a proud moment for a big brother.

The holidays have a skins jersey in her future. Her favorite skin is Portis because of his smile and attitude.

...waiting no further I introduce our newest fan and extremeskins fan -




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welcome finnck. same generation skins fan here. born in '84, skins fan since birth :D

im the only skins fan in my family tho...dont ask how that works, but ive been a fan as long as i can remember.

whats your major btw? im a Networking student at my college.


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Hi all

Thanks for the intro Sean...Years of you screaming, cheering, making ref signals, and sometimes even crying at the screen has obviously left a big impression on me. Though I don't know as much about the team or its history as most of you, I hope to learn. One skins game (and an amazing one at that) was enough to get me officially hooked. I look forward to reading more posts and maybe, someday, starting a thread of my own....



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You guys are so lucky to have family members that love football and the Skins as much as you do. Nobody in my family likes football. God knows I have tried to get them interested. But, no luck so far. That's the reason I love this web site so much. I can come here and talk football with you guys 24/7.

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