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Welcome to Extremeskins...

Just as a reminder, if Park City Skins approaches you about a jackhammer, a roll of toilet paper and a pair of tweezers you may want to avoid him...

Just sayin'


Only because you're always using them.

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Welcome to both of you, this is a great spot for Redskins and sports talk! A bit of advice though, please read some threads first, and monitor reactions before you start posting. Some people here can have very harsh reactions to choice of words and whatnot, though the mods are usually good in stopping this. Enjoy the stay!!!

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Well let me be the first to say welcome to the best Skins site online, and before others point it out, read the rules and search for existing threads before you go starting new ones.
Welcome aboard! Make sure you read the rules carefully, especially about Spam and such. There is also a thread at the top called "member request", please read it about satarting new posts.

Our newbie here is on a 3-day READ ONLY haitus because he didn't take your suggestions. It's unfortunate that people don't respect the integrity of the community by familiarizing themselves with its standards and expectations.

Despite the fact that it is generally expected of you in any new affiliation.. and especially so when you've been explicitly told by the membership.

Yet, it doesn't stop people from crying foul. Truly amazing.

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