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Week 10 Highlight Videos Vs Bucs Now Up!!!!


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The vids are now up, enjoy if you can, saw sableholic already made the 2 point conversion vid so I didn't do that. Vids are of the td drives, some defensive plays, betts' td kickoff return, and portis' day. Since the d@mn vikings took so long I missed portis' first 31 yarder. Just go to the vids of the week section and get the vids.


As always A thanks is appreciated :cool:

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Thanks skins_finatic!! Excellent as always!

Request: Can you put the two Brunell interceptions up? I'd like to see if Bolden got to Patten too early or not. Thanks!

sorry cuz of the giants game lasting so long I missed the first 7 minutes of our game. I missed the Brunell int that was Patten's fault and the long portis run. Damn those late games.

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