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MLB/Union Agree to Steriod Policy


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WASHINGTON -- Major League Baseball players and owners agreed to toughen penalties for steroid use to a 50-game suspension for a first failed test and a lifetime ban for a third, The Associated Press learned.

The deal, which also adds testing for amphetamines, was described to the AP by two congressional aides on condition of anonymity because it had not been officially announced.

A formal announcement was planned for later Tuesday, a baseball official told the AP.

Baseball's current steroid penalties are a 10-day suspension for a first offense, 30 days for a second offense, and 60 days for a third. The earliest a player could be banned for life is a fifth offense.

The sport's second new steroids agreement in 10 months came after lengthy negotiations prompted by urging from Congress -- including the threat of legislation that would require higher penalties and stricter testing standards.


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Anyone else find it odd that the punishment for steroids is more than the punishment for cocaine?

Thing is, cocaine is not a 'performance enhancing' substance (unless, of course, your doing it in the dugout) while steroids are. therefore if you are doing steroids you're cheating, but if your doing coke you're just an idiot (no offense meant to any coke users out there).

Either way, i'd love to see the new rules grandfathered - just to screw Raffy more :D

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It's good but way too late.

I'll admit it, I'm kind of a baseball numbers geek and I think that Maris' record should still stand and that Bonds should not be considered to have broken Aaron's record (when that time comes). McGwire, Sosa, and Bonds are the poster boys for steroids. None should have been given credit for hitting 60 HRs.

The good news is things seem to be back to normal. Only one guy hit 50 HR's this year.

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Guest sith lord
McGwire, Sosa, and Bonds are the poster boys for steroids.

No. Raffy is the "new" poster boy for steroids. And don't forget Giambi. And why does it seem that Sheffield gets a free pass when the subject of steroids are brought up?

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As a guest on The Simpsons, Don Mattingly is told repeatedly by Mr. Burns to get rid of his sideburns if he wants to play on the team. He tries to explain that he isn't wearing sideburns, but Mr. Burns refuses to listen. He returns later, his sideburns shaved up almost to the top of his head. Mr. Burns isn't impressed. "I thought I told you to trim those sideburns!" He throws him off the team. Mattingly says to himself:

"I still like him better than Steinbrenner."

-Don Mattingly, The Simpsons, 2/20/92

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