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Let's give it up for the Eagles!...


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I'm here. Thanks for asking though.

E_L, I'm sorry you guys lost. That was a hard one to watch. I wasn't watching the game because I was out at the movies, but figured I'd watch the last few minutes to see if the Eagles were going to pull it out. No sooner did I turn on the TV, literally the two events nearly coincided, did McNabb throw the pic. I almost blame myself. You guys have accomplished a great deal over the last four years. McNabb will be back in force next year. Now that TO's out of your hair, you can regroup and get things back together and make another run for the NFC title.

Of course, the 'Skins'll still have you beat (or so I hope). :)

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Not sure I can take joy in their misfortune since the direct result is a much tougher road to the playoffs for us now.

I don't think so...

Dallas isn't going to win many games if they keep playing like that.

And this game just confirms that we'll end the season on a 4 maybe 5 game winning streak. We'll end up with at least 10 wins, that should be enough.

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**** the Eagles

this was the one and only time I would ever say "fly Eagles, fly", and they failed me

all I asked for was a victory over Dallas, and they ****ed up :mad:

you double cover Terry Glenn all game, then in the last few minutes, free him up?

**** you Philly

Of courese u can double cover Glenn, but what about Key and Witten over themiddle and near the sidelines........and what about Price.

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