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Sean Salisbury (spelling?) MERGED


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I must say that I'm very pumped up after the miracle win, but I think it is a little early to say who will win this division.

The Cowboys didn't exactly impress me tonight. We were lucky.

Luck had nothing to do with it...McNabb just threw an ill-advised pass to the other team.

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This is flat out ridiculous. Sean Salisberry however you spell his stupid last name is a complete joke and so is ESPN.

20-7 with 3 minutes to go in the game.....does the spread sound familiar? You know 13-0, the score we came back from to win a game vs Dallas.

Sean the moron just gave Dallas credit for fighting hard and playing 60 minutes. When the Skins did the same thing, it was luck and blah blah blah.

Watch the game Sean you TOOL. The Skins didn't get a gift interception thrown right to someone to take the lead. The Skins just used Moss to out run the Dallas secondary to score 2 TDs to win the game, but ya that was just luck. Having McNabb throw a pass right to Roy Williams for a 20 yard TD return wasn't luck, that was just Roy being an all pro and Dallas playing 60 minutes.

Its sick and I call on all Redskin fans to stop watching ESPN and send letters demanding they hire analysist that have a brain.

As usual the ESPN goons have just got down on their knees and sucked on the knob of the Cowboys after doing the exact same thing the Redskins did to the Cowboys, the difference is, they bashed the Redskins. The Skins played 60 minutes as well Sean, just like your beloved Cowboys.

Can we get a sign like this :dallasuck that says I hate ESPN???

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Wow that took some balls. To mention that when we didn't even play tonight. He's salty about something. The person that pissed in his corn flakes must've been a Skins fan.

He mentioned us because he knows that we are contenders and he has to stay true to his predictions. He also said that we were a team to watch for after the 49ers game.

When the cowboys come up lame in the upcoming weeks he'll flip flop again!!

Salisbury ....What a joke :shot:

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..."The redskins are fading away just like I thought they would...the Cowboys are the most complete team in the NFC East and will win the division"

Wasn't he singing our praises the whole time we were winning? Just like he thought we would??? You know I hate that punk. He was a below average QB and a waaaay below average analyst. The Cowboys were lucky today, but a win is a win.

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