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NFC East: The Battle of the Two-Faced Teams


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watching this dallas/eagles game right now, it's really impossible to tell whether a good team is gonna show up on any given sunday when it comes to the eagles, cowboys, skins and giants. Skins looked great last week, eagles looked terrible. Dallas looks like crap tonight, eagles look sturdy. Dallas spanked the eagles a few weeks ago, but struggles against weak teams. Giants looked like trash on sunday, but like kings the previous weeks. We know the story with the skins, so I won't even get into that (36-0). It seems like every week some of the teams show up to play, and some of them don't. All the teams in our division are good right now, but none of them are great, they are all inconsistent. Whichever team establishes itself first will take this division. Let's hope its the skins!

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