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Turnovers Problems Plague The Defense Too


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Just to throw some stats out your way... The defense is just as responsible as the offense in losing our turnover battle and not creating better field position. For some reason, we are just not doing it. Forget the big plays they give up, just generating turnovers would really help!!!

Whether it be the schemes, plays or players, we have to create more turnovers on the defensive side of the ball... Not only to offset the offensive miscuses but to help put more points up. I am speaking throughout the season not only after this game.... I know you can flip the stats around and look at the giveaways only as well and probably come up with some similar numbers but just don't lose sight that these figures are both compelling reasons as to why "NOT TURN IT OVER" and to "FORCE A TURNOVER"

I am just saying that I cannot put all the blame on the offense in turning it over and losing a game if I don't put a similar claim on the defense for not forcing the turnovers. The Redskins are T32nd in takeaways in the NFL with only 7 and are T12th in giveaways with 18. The Bengals lead the league with 29 takeaways and the Saints lead in giveaways with 27.

2005 Turnover Stats

(Top 5 in takeaways)


CIN 7-2 29TA

BUF 4-5 22TA

JAX 6-3 21TA

PIT 7-2 21TA

DEN 7-2 18TA


CAR 7-2 26TA

NYG 6-4 24TA

DET 4-5 21TA

CHI 6-3 20TA

ATL 6-3 18TA

TOTAL 60-31

(Bottom 5 in takeaways)


HOU 1-8 7TA

NEW 5-4 8TA

BAL 2-7 9TA

OAK 3-6 10TA

TEN 2-7 11TA


WAS 5-4 7TA

GB 2-7 13TA

SEA 7-2 13TA

ARI 2-7 13TA

NOS 2-7 14TA

TOTAL 31-59

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Ignoring the abominable call at the end of the game to cost us the game, I would blame the offensive turnovers in the first half on this loss. Without the turnovers it would have been 13-0 going into halftime.

We don't know for sure that TB would have not scored on a possession or that the Skins would have not put up more points than 13 had they not fumbled and thrown the INTs. These are all hypothetical. It might have been 34-0 too. My point for this discussion is to not do exactly what you are doing... blaming only the offense for the turnovers and losing the game. The defense has to carry their weight as well. They got us one. Ok...great. The Vikings had over half our total of defensive TOs in one game and they WON with less than 150 yards I believe in offense. Goes both ways. And yes... two point play aside ;)

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