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Fire Up Thread Week 11: Raider Nation (Merged)

Walking Deadman

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Before going onto the Raiders, I would like to talk about the game vs the Eagles couple of weeks back.

Anybody watch the game at home? Did you hear something being said in the stadium? Yes, that was the chants of "Eagles Suck, Eagles Suck!" being said in the place that the Eagles fans (and the official site of the Eagles BTW) was calling their "home away from home". We shut their fans down. 12th Man was live in that game and even after Mcnabb threw a great TD play to that guy that replaced T.O., we stayed up. We helped our D and cheer our O.

Great job everyone :applause:

You wonder why the D looks so good at FedEx??? Yes, it's in part b/c of you (and me ) THE 12th MAN. Here's a great stat for the non-believers:

Max points allowed by our D in a game at FedEx: 17 (Seattle and SF both hit that mark)

Max points on the road in a game: 36 (NYG, TB-- not to mention 21 vs Denver and 28 vs KC).

So, keep it up and support our D on Sunday, we are unstoppable at home and I want to go UNDEFEATED this year.....you heard me and I think it's very possible.

Anyway onto The Raiders:

NORV's back


Remember the days when we would lose a game and Norv would shake his head as Westbrook (Mike not Brian ;) ) or Tre or Gus would do something stupid? Or the Mike Nolan defense and the Prevent D?

Years of frustration and potential for nothing.

Now is your time to show Norv how you felt about those days....I would love to see about 5 false starts/delay of game and see Norv's head shake again.

Yeah, Norv is a great offensive mind, but a lousy HC and we need to take advantage of that this week.

Randy vs "The Reaper"- A highlight of last years Vikings vs Redskins game was the Taylor vs Moss battle in the secondary. Sean made some great plays against one of the most dangerous WR's in the league. Hopefully, Taylor will be back and we can see another dogfight.

Raider Nation: Another "legendary :rolleyes: " fan base heads to FedEx this week. We got to shut Raider Nation down quick, just like the Eagles. Time for us to again step up and show the entire league what the Redskin fan base is like and that FedEx is the toughest stadium to play in the league......tougher than Denver, tougher than KC. The Raiders play in hard divisonal stadiums, we need to bring our A game again.

So get fired up Redskins fans we get the Raiders in our house on Sunday, and what's a great we to get over a loss to a pirate? To have our team beat the hell out of another pirate on Sunday!!!!!!

Read my sig. Show 'em my motto.

12th MAN are ya with me?????!!!!!!! :cheers:

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We Must Protect....this.....house!

I know somebody will say "I hate that, it's old and corny and overused", but I agree......the whole point of the thread.

Again, if we win our home games (which we should win most if not all) we have a excellent chance of making the playoffs with Arizona, St. Louis and Philly left on the away schedule.

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I'll be at FedEx on Sunday. It's my first ever Redskins game in Washington (I've seen them in Philly and NY).:)

Unfortunately, I am going there with a Raider fan, but he knows their season is over after losing to Denver yesterday. He just wants to tailgate and watch a good game.

Truth be told, the Raiders are my 2nd favorite team, so it's going to be fun to see them as well. But I think the Skins should have no problem with them. They still committ a ton of penalties and are missing two starters in the D backfield. They have really good WRs, but Collins is an inconsistent QB who doesn't always make the most of the weapons he has.

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Going to the game this week with my best friend and former college roommate who is a long time Raider fan. We've been friends for almost 20 years and have never seen a Redskins-Raiders game in person. Mainly because they always had been in Oakland. And just like in "Trading Places" we have a friendly wager "$1".


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I will be going to the game this Sunday and damm it I want to come out not only with a win but without any voice and WITH ringing ears. We are 4 and 0 in Fedex. We win out in our house and win in Arizona we are most likely division winners with a 10-6 record.

This is it guys. This is what we have been waiting for since 99. We have Joe back, we have a good offense and we have Norv coming home party all ready and waiting. Lets give them hell.

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Football weather comes to FedEx.....and nice cool 53 degrees on Sunday.

Perfect football weather, not too hot, not too cold.

Great to have a beer.....

Dollar Bill wants his money, Taylor is back, Jacbos gets a shot, Griffin might play also....Let's show Oakland what the 12th Man and our D does at FedEx.

We struggle on the road this year, but at home we are undefeated and unstoppable...... :point2sky

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This really got me fired up cuase its really starting to piss me off that eagles fans(including their official website) call fedex field their home away from home like you said...along with steelers, raiders, patriots fans all over the place especially steelers fans...do me a favor and chant norv sucks, raiders suck constantly during that game and if a raiders fan does one smart thing towards us throw ur food at him.

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