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I Wish The ES Mods Would Do Something Already About This Bully.

Grumpy Vet

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It clearly states in rule #17 of the Updated Rules and Guidelines that there are to be no call out threads.


17. Do not create “call out” threads. Threads whose intention is clearly to "call out" another particular member on a personal matter. These forums are not to be used as a medium for personal and/or private vendettas. To the extent personal exchanges/conversations are necessary---and desired by BOTH parties---those members are encouraged to pursue them via Private Messaging. Feel free to question members as to past comments you’d like them to explain in the spirit of good debate. Do not use private messaging to badger or intimidate other members. Substantiated instances of such behavior will result in the immediate loss of private messaging privileges for the instigator, and may result in permanent banning from Extremeskins.

I assume it is not just limited to threads but also posts w/in threads. I have been victimized by one of our posters repeatedly in just such a manner. There are four threads in which I have been "called out". I have lost sleep, lost hair and have been unable to "perform my marital bedroom duties" because of the stress this individual has put upon me.

As a bare minimum this person should be executed, castrated and banned from this site forever. One person can only be expected to tolerate so much.

I don't want to post this guy's name and make a public scene. If any mods want to PM me; I'll out this dastardly fellow. I'll give you a hint and say that his screen name rhymes w/ HKing HGibbs (the h is silent) and this whole affair revolves around a proposed duel of culinary chilis.

Thank you for your prompt attention.


Grumpy Vet

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