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Only 3 TE's have more yards than Cooley.


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I know he is an H-back, but he is more of a TE than a FB.

A. Gates



These are the only TE's that lead him in yards. Shockey is probably a lock for the probowl for the NFC if he stays healthy. He has like 580 recieving yards and 5 TD's.

But, Cooley is having a fantastic season and is on pace for 835 yards recieving this year.

He was pissed after the game.

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He's still 4th among TE's in recieving yards.

I think that illustrates why Cooley is one of the future greats. He's mad about the fact that the team lost. I bet he doesn't even know his statistics. He's in the game to play because he loves football, and I love to see that. Even against the growing culture of T.O.s and C.J.s who play for themselves, there are a few good players out there, like Cooley, who can serve as positive role models.

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