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Hey Guys,

New to the forums after moving down from ashburn for school but needed to talk redskins and its not happening in tenn haha. Hey were gettn closer it was holdman first part of the season and now harris but the improvement we have made in one year is amazing everyone remeber good ole ball coaches team?? Yeah they sucked, were still talkn playoffs and not the draft in april. Taylor comes back same with griffin we get a taylor jacobs sighting instead of patten and I like our chances with anyone.

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I bet he plays his sprained ankle is going to have to be better, I think they thought it would be a game they could handle with out him, Joey Galloway is doing good but Sheppard couldnt have worried them. He plays this week maybe not 100% but no way hes sitting, i wanna know if they start harris? I sit him

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