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NFL having Part-Time Officials is a crime


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Irregadless of the Tampa game it's a crime the NFL does not have full time paid officials whose profession it is to officiate. There have been horrid calls both for and against most teams this year and last and the year before that.

The NFL says its only a 16 game season we don't want to pay officials a full time year round salary. I say come on guys your a multi-billion dollar industry. Why skimp on one of the most important aspects of your games integrity??

Pay them a nice yealry salary and have them officiate for teams at practices and OTA's in the off-season. Have coaching seminars in the offseason and go over things that have gone wrong and how they should be handled in the future.

Have a review process and if an official scores to low consistently they will be fired.

Is it really to much to ask that these ref's livelyhood depends on there ability to officiate correctly?? No more part timers who work a job during the week and offficiate on the weekends for fun.

I want some people who's jobs and success depend on their calls on Sunday!

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