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What's the difference between the 36-0 thumping and the 36-35 loss to the bucs?


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Not a damn thing! That's what!

Whether you lose by 36 or by a last minute 2-point conversion...it doesn't matter!A loss is a loss...

....And it's this kind of a loss that can be the difference between making the postseason or watching it in January...

I seriously would rather have been destroyed by the bucs...Cause at least I could NOT have came back to that costly 2-point conversion as the reason why my team didn't make the playoffs..

Is anyone gonna say well...."I sure wished we coulda' pulled out that 36-0 but thrashing from the giants we got early in the season,then we coulda' made the playoffs"?.......HELL NO!

All I got to say is we will be REAL lucky if this game doesn't come back to haunt us whether it's to make the playoffs or have the game at home (or lack thereof)against these bucs in the postseason...

And you guys know..(I hope) that if it comes down to the last playoff spot at (6) and we are tied with the same record as the bucs with idenitical records at the end of the season....GUESS who gets in?

If I were you guys...I'd be rooting for either the Bucs to win their division or completely collapse against Carolina and the Falcons...

WHY did I say win division?Because if they win their division then it may not hurt as bad since someone from that division HAS to go...Plus...Do you think we will win ours?God I hope!!

This loss didn't hurt....This loss hurt REAL BAD!!!

Oh....And we should be 6-3...not 5-4....That was a bogus call!!

Question should really be..??How does this affect our team mentally for the next 2 home games and more importantly for the rest of the season?

I would be concerned about that!!

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There is no difference between the two? What have you been smoking?! Against the Giants, we just weren't prepared to match the intensity and emotion of that team following the death of their owner, and BOY did it show. Um....WE WERE SHUT OUT!!

Against the Bucs, the Skins showed resilience in being able to overcome a -3 turnover deficit. We proved we can move the ball against the BEST of defenses. What today showed is that sloppy play WILL kill you. Not being able to get a 1st down to close the game with 2 minutes left....not having the discipline to NOT jump offsides on the XP (allowing for the 2pt attempt).

This is HUGELY different from the Giants game, granted it is STILL a loss,but I think 99.9% of Redskin fans would take the Bucs game over the Giants game ANY day of the week.

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Against the G-men. All 3 facets of the game stayed in DC. Not showing up were Offense, Defense, and Special teams. You can add a no show for Intensity, Coaching, and intangibles as well. These loses were completely different. The common denominator was "36 points." Not much else imo.

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As a fan the Bucs loss hurt me much more. For 58 minutes I thought we had a win.

There was no drama or built up to a let down in the Giants game. (if you know what I mean.)

Besides we have a chance to redeem ourselves against the G-Men.

Maybe we can repay the Bucs in the playoffs.

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