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While trying to make myself feel better


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After the game today which I wish I could erase from my memory, I tried to convince myself that I shouldn't care.

I've actually had people that don't really have a favorite team ask me this question, "why do you care if the Redskins win or not? You don't get anything if they win."

What sucks about having a favorite team is how you feel when they lose, it seriously ruins my week. I don't watch sports center because I can't stand being reminded of it.

I don't have a favorite college team, I didn't go to a big time D-1 school so I have no alliance to any school. Which is pretty nice because I can just sit back and enjoy college football. I love watching football and with college I can just root for a good game.

The Redskins Buc game today would have been an awesome game to watch today, it was very entertaining, the only problem is my team lost so I feel like my dog just died, I caught my girlfriend with my best friend, and my pick up truck broke down.

My question to you guys is, why in the heck does it hurt so bad!?

I don't know any of the Redskins personally, I don't get a check in the mail if they win, nobody really gives me props when the Skins win.

I know I care and I know it kills me when they lose, I really just wish I knew why.

Can anyone articulate why we care so much?

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I know exactly what you're saying. To me it's an emotional investment. Yes, there are more important things in the world, but, when you allow yourself to be involved, we do so at a risk. After all the word "fan" comes from fanatic, so those who don't understand, by definition, aren't fans. For me the pain of yesterday's game will be how the media will praise Gruden for going for it and how that bad call on the goaline will be swept under the rug as some kind of Bucs heroic victory. The sting of losing that way and having those who probably didn't see the game praise Gruden for his ballsy call as they have for Vermeil, just makes it worse. After the Chiefs and Giants losses, I just walked away from the radio or t.v. and said maybe next week. To lose like this is degrading because there's nothing that can be done. It's like watching a movie in which the main character is treated unfairly and you the viewer know it. And there's nothing to be done. It's an emotional investment; and for those opposing teams' fans who come here and poor salt in the wound of something they have no part in; it will come around. Then, they will be in this position and they will feel the same way.

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Man, I'm 43 and I can tell you it never gets any better. My life has hinged on the outcome of Skins games since I was 8. This season seems especially bad. Probably because I truly feel this is the most competitive team the Redskins have fielded in a long time. I also want the Redskins to win for Gibbs - it kills me to watch his press conference after a loss.

One thing I've learned over the years, Gibbs will use this game as a learning tool and the team will be better because of it. That's the only consolation for me at this point.

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I tell you what it hurts even more to be at the game and watch the other teams fans acting as though they just won the Super Bowl when in fact they were very lucky to escape with a win.I actually had one Buc's fan ask me how I felt right now as we were leaving the stadium, another ran by me touching my shoulder and taunting me as he ran by.I had my 12 year old son with me and remained calm although it was hard.Most of the Bucs fans were pretty friendly others totally did not know how to act.By the way we need a punter.

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