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Im not starting a bash thread, I'm just wondering if anyone else is a little confused with our defensive schemes like me? I'm not sure why we depend so much on our safeties playing the oppositions wide receivers one on one down the field (especially with taylor out). Springs is a great cover corner and it seems like he doesnt cover much past his 5 yard zone. Instead we have clark and bowen "covering" deep with receivers down the field. I like bowen and clark but doesn't it make more sense to have your best corner on the other teams best receiver? Not to mention that last year when we played tampa with veteran brad johnson we blitzed about every play, now we have a rookie who up until this game had played horrible and we didn't blitz nearly as much as the tampa game last year.

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I was definitely a bit puzzled. It seemed that if we had concentrated more on covering, we'd have been OK. That's the way we played the Bucs the drive before when they got down in the redzone and we stopped them.

Anyway, it's tough to lose a game where you drop 35 on the #1 D and hold two 7 point leads in the second half.

If our D makes one play late in that game, we're coming home 6-3 and riding high!

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